Why You Should Consider Cold Drawn Seamless Mechanical Tubing?

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What is Cold Drawn Seamless Mechanical Tubing?

Cold drawn seamless mechanical tubing is a seamless mechanical pipe drawn through a die. Because it is drawn through a die, the outer diameter of the tube remains consistent throughout its length and can be made in any length or diameter.

We usually use it in automotive and industrial applications such as connecting rods and crankshafts where high strength and light weight are required. Moreover, you can see it in aerospace applications because it can withstand extreme temperatures.

Cold Drawn Seamless Mechanical Tubing
Cold Drawn Seamless Mechanical Tubing

It is available in various materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and titanium. You can choose them on the application requirements of the customer. The most common material used for this kind of mechanical tubing is steel because it provides excellent strength at an affordable cost.


Benefits of Cold Drawn Seamless Mechanical Tubing:

It is a kind of extruded tubing that is made from cold drawn seamless steel strip. It has the advantages of high strength and rigidity, good surface quality, high accuracy and good weldability.

This is a common phenomenon that we use in petroleum, chemical industries, power plants, heating equipment, agricultural irrigation and other industries.

Benefits of Cold Drawn Seamless Mechanical Tubing:

  • 1) High mechanical strength:

Seamless mechanical tubing has a large tensile force and high-pressure resistance, so you can use it to transfer heavy oil or gas under high pressure.

  • 2) Good corrosion resistance:

The material does not contain any impurities in its composition, which makes it have excellent corrosion resistance and good bonding with other materials.

  • 3) Low-pressure drop:

It has a low-pressure drop when used for fluid conveying.

  • 4) Easy installation:

It has no weld seam, which makes it easy to install.


Features Of  Cold Drawn Seamless Mechanical Tubing:

1. Longer service life

2. Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion

3. High strength, good rigidity, impact resistance and tensile strength

4. Good heat resistant performance, high-temperature resistant property, good formability and low-temperature characteristics

5. Non-corrosion in sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid

6. High softening point with good ductility for bending radius control



  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Automotive
  • Building and Construction
  • Chemical Processing
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
  • Heat Exchangers and Condensers
  • Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Other Fluid Power Applications


Why choose Global Steeltube for the Cold Drawn Seamless Mechanical Tubing?

Global Steeltube is a leading supplier of Cold Drawn Seamless Mechanical Tubing, which is precision-machined from solid bar stock and then drawn through a process that creates the seamless tube with minimum distortion. This process allows for very high tolerances and provides consistent wall thicknesses in order to achieve maximum performance.

The product we provide is available in a wide range of sizes, diameters and wall thicknesses. We offer these products in standard as well as custom configurations to meet the requirements of our customers.

Our customers usually use it in various industries such as automotive, construction machinery, medical equipment, oil & gas industry and more.

We provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices backed by excellent customer service. Some of our key benefits include:

Cutting-edge technology: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility uses the latest machines and techniques to provide you with high-quality ones within your budget.

Dedicated sales team: Our experienced sales team has years of experience in this field and can help you find exactly what you need.



1. Keep away from fire and heat sources;

2. Do not use in the presence of oil, acid or alkali;

3. Avoid using them for other than their intention;

4. Do not scratch or bend during installation;

5. When using, keep out of reach of children;

6. Do not wear a ring during work;

7. Keep them in a dry and clean place, the average temperature of the storage area should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

8. Handle it carefully, and avoid any damage to the surface of the product, so as to ensure its normal use.

9. It is a brittle material, and when it breaks, it will produce sharp noise and sparkle flying around, so we should wear safety gloves when handling it.



A seamless mechanical pipe is a pipe that does not have any seams or joints. It can achieve fast flow rates and is highly pressure resistant. It is gaining popularity in manufacturing due to its unique properties, especially in terms of heat resistance and splice length.

There are no seams to prevent degradation due to friction, which makes it more effective than other types. It also has a strong ability to withstand high-pressure points. It is difficult to find another tube on the market that is as effective as seamless mechanical tube.

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