Something You Need to Know About Cold Drawn Over Mandrel Tubing

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What Is Cold Drawn Over Mandrel Tubing?

Cold Drawn Over Mandrel tubing is a seamless tube that is drawn over a mandrel to produce a round, uniform shape. The production process drawns the tube at low temperatures, which reduces the internal stresses in the material and results in products with high strength-to-weight ratios.

The mandrel is the tool to draw the tubing. Steel or plastic can make this tool, which is tapered at one end and fits into the die of a wire drawing machine.

It is one of three main types of seamless round tubes. The other two types are Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS) and Warm Drawn Seamless (WDS).


Cold Drawn Over Mandrel Tubing

Benefits Of Cold Drawn Over Mandrel Tubing:

  • High quality:

The material is superior to traditional cold rolled tubes because it has been stretched into shape. This stretching process creates a smooth surface that allows for better welds, which means fewer leaks or ruptures in your product.

  • Strength:

The material used in the product will depend on the application it will be used for; however, most can withstand much more pressure than traditional cold rolled tubes by up to 10 times more pressure. This makes them ideal for hydraulic systems or other applications where high pressure may be present.

  • Economical:

It is less expensive than stainless steel due to its lower cost of production; however, it has many of the same benefits as stainless steel such as high resistance against corrosion and oxidation.

  • Corrosion Resistance:

This makes it ideal for use in marine environments and other harsh environments where exposure to salt water or other chemicals may occur often.

  • Tensile Strength:

This feature makes it ideal for use in heavy-duty applications such as construction equipment, mining equipment and many other heavy types of machinery that require high tensile strength materials on a daily basis.


Features Of  Cold Drawn Over Mandrel Tubing:

We manufacture it through a continuous coil of wire. And then form it into a tube by drawing through dies to achieve the desired OD and wall thickness.

  • Good surface finish
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy
  • Economical to produce
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • High strength & stiffness
  • Good surface quality
  • High resistance to impact and abrasion


Applications Of Cold Drawn Over Mandrel Tubing:

  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Low fatigue and impact resistance
  • Excellent ductility for forming
  • Good weldability with traditional welding methods
  • Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial applications where corrosion resistance, good weldability and high strength are required.
  • Air conditioning systems require tubing with good flexibility at low temperatures and also for its corrosion resistance to water vapor.
  • Fluid handling systems for refrigerants, oils, acids and alkalis require tubing that is resistant to corrosion by these fluids. The tubing must also be able to withstand high temperatures without softening or melting.
  • Refrigeration heating systems require the same type of tubing as for air conditioning systems but with less flexibility at low temperatures.
  • There are many applications we can also see about it, such as the automotive industry, electrical industry and aerospace industry.
  • More than you can imagine, it can also make other different products. For example, cold drawn over mandrel tubing can be used to create fuel lines and hydraulic lines. It can also be used to create brake lines and transmission lines.

Let’s turn our attention to the automotive industry because it is lightweight and strong.

This makes it ideal for use as fuel lines, which must be lightweight so that they do not weigh down the car or cause it to burn more gas than necessary.

It is also strong enough to withstand pressure from fuel flowing through it at high speeds without breaking or leaking.


Why Choose Global Steeltube For The Cold Drawn Over Mandrel Tubing?

We can use it in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as other industries such as chemical processing and power generation.

The reasons to choose Global Steeltube are:

We have a proven track record in supplying cold drawn over mandrel tubing to customers around the world for over 20 years. Our high-quality products are a product of modern equipment and technology, which ensures that we meet all customer specifications. We deliver on time and provide excellent service to our customers.

Our experienced sales team members are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or services, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today!



1. Cold draw only clean material free from burrs, nicks or scratches; otherwise these imperfections may cause cracks when heated during drawing;

2. After heating, turn it slowly by hand to avoid burning the surface of the tube, which may happen because the temperature is too high and the tube is heated for too long.

3. Do not use bent cold drawn tubes;

4. Heat the tube to a temperature that is no less than 100°C and no more than 140°C.

5. Avoid heating in an open flame or with an electric heating appliance, such as an oven or an induction heater.

6. After heating, turn it slowly by hand to avoid burning the surface of the tube, which may happen because the temperature is too high and the tube is heated for too long.

7. Avoid cleaning the surface of the tube with abrasive powders or wire brushes during heating and cooling processes.



The cold drawn over mandrel tubing has many advantages as compared to the cold drawn tubing. It has a smaller OD and ID, which is one of the main advantages of this product.

It also allows for more flexibility than the cold drawn tubing, which makes it easier to work with. You can easily bend and shape it due to this feature. This product is also stronger than other types of steel tubes because it can withstand high stresses without breaking or bending easily.

It has a higher yield strength than other types of steel tubes, which means that it can handle more stress before it will break or bend. This means that this type of steel pipe is ideal for use where a lot of stress is placed on the material used. These conditions include work environments where substantial vibration or motion occurs in the area where the material comes in handy.

The cold drawn over mandrel tubing also has excellent weldability characteristics as well due to this high yield strength, making it possible to weld together multiple pieces of metal without any problems occurring during welding processes.

After reading this article, if you have any other questions about the product. Welcome to check related information or contact us: Global Steeltube.