DIN/ EN army green passivated precision seamless steel tube for special vehicle High precision, smooth surface; Strong anti rust/corros ... Read more
Cold Drawn Army Green Seamless Steel Pipe
Cold Drawn Army Green Seamless Steel Pipe Product Name: Cold Drawn Army Green Seamless Steel Pipe ... Read more

1. What is the passivated pipe?

A passivated pipe is steel tubing that has been heated and coated with a chromium compound which forms an incredibly hard outer coating.

2. How long does a passivated pipe last?

A passivated pipe will generally last for about a decade or about 100 years without cleaning.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a passivated pipe?

A common advantage of passivated pipe is that it will have a higher resistance to corrosion and oxygen damage.

4. Should I replace my passivated pipe?

  • If you’re not sure whether passivated pipe needs replacing, here are some signs that may indicate that it needs attention:
  • The colour of the pipe has changed from its original colour; this could indicate that oxidation has taken place
  • You notice white powder around the joints or fittings; this could be lime scale build-up caused by hard water
  • There are holes in the pipe walls; this could mean that there are leaks occurring inside the pipe walls
  • You notice bubbles coming out of any joint or fitting; this could indicate a gas leak.


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